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About Us

Escalade, which operates with the motto 'We Carve Art on Your Body', is an organization that makes the world's best tattoo art, making a name for itself with the awards it has received in the field of tattoo and beauty, with the support of the latest technological devices in all its studios. In line with scientific research, with a perfectionist perspective, the best expert tattooists in their field and successful aesthetic works in permanent make-up are carried out. Located in Istanbul, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Escalade aims to be accessible to every audience by opening branches in every part of Turkey very soon.

For those wondering about the goals of the Escalade family

  • To make international scientific developments available in all service areas of our tattoo centers,

  • To ensure that new values are added while meeting the needs and expectations of the society we serve,

  • To contribute to the health education of our entire society, especially patients and their relatives,

  • To create 'added value' systems that will positively reflect personal performance on corporate performance,

  • To ensure the highest level of satisfaction of patients and their relatives,

  • To ensure that all personnel working at Escalade are professionals with the knowledge and experience to perform their duties well and correctly,

  • To make no mistakes in our services and to always continue to do our best.


What are the operations performed on Escalade?

For those wondering about the services provided in Escalade

Escalade Health Group serves its guests in all areas of tattoo art with its expert and experienced tattooist and beautician staff, world-class technological devices and well-equipped clinics. 'Escalade Health Group', which has proven itself in the field of cosmetic beauty and tattoo in Turkey and Europe, offers international services with its Tattoo, Minimal Tattoo, Beauty, Permanent Make-up, Eyeliner, Lip Gloss, Lip Contour and many similar departments.

Expert Tattoo & Our Piercing Artists

How Do We Work?


Hygiene and Sterilization


Free Design Process


Personalized Design


Expert and Award-Winning Artists

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