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Must Read Before Piercing...

This article has been prepared to give you both an idea and a guide before you get pierced.

Piercing care is not an easy process, yes it is definitely not. Especially when you compare it to tattoo care, it is a more challenging, longer and more patient process.

In addition to following basic hygiene rules, it is a process where you need to gain new and certain routines.

There are very few studios that are really knowledgeable and this causes people to have bad piercing experiences. To avoid such bad experiences, read up before getting pierced.

Get piercings in reliable places. Piercing, like tattooing, is a matter of trust. As much as a tattoo artist cares about the healed state of his work, the piercer (piercer-piercer) should care about the healed state of the piercing wound. The proper positioning of the piercing hole and the support you will receive during the healing process are important.

Experience Piercing in the Best Way: A Wonderful Adventure with Conscious Steps
Piercing is an aesthetic way to add a unique touch to your body. However, keep in mind that this unique adventure involves much more than a simple accessory. Taking conscious steps to make the most of your piercing experience will ensure a memorable and satisfying process.

First Step Research and Information
The most important thing to do before getting a piercing is to have basic knowledge about the subject. Having information about maintenance processes, healing periods and possible difficulties you may encounter is one of the cornerstones of your piercing journey.

Reliability is Important: Choosing the Right Place
Piercing is a matter of trust. Working with a trusted and experienced piercer ensures that the piercing process and its aftermath are managed successfully. The opening of the piercing hole must be done in the correct position and the support you will receive during the healing process is also of particular importance.

How to Choose a Good Piercer?
The choice of your piercing specialist can determine the quality of your experience. Learning more about your specialist's references, experience and sterilization methods will help you make a reliable choice.

Essentials of Care Care and Attention
Piercing is a combination of aesthetics and health. In order to support the healing process, it is necessary to establish regular daily care routines and be careful not to get hit. Knowing that there are headphones or jewelry that cannot be used, especially in some areas, prevents future problems.

Earring Selection: Aesthetic and Cleanliness Perspective
The choice of piercing earrings should be evaluated in terms of cleanliness and comfort before aesthetic appearance. Simple and easy-to-clean designs offer a more comfortable experience in the long run. Being sensitive about the choice of material also prevents possible allergic reactions.

Pain and Healing: A Conscious Approach
Piercing pain can vary according to personal limits. If you have concerns, alternatives such as cooling sprays can be considered. However, you should also consider the effects of this on the healing process. You should also keep in mind how important the position of the piercing is for healing and wear.

First Jewelry Patience and Replacement Time
You should be patient about the time it takes to replace the first piercing earring. You should take into account the time set for the healing process to be completed. Rushing can lead to negative consequences. Depending on the state of healing, the first replacement should be done after 3 or 6 months.

A Great Experience with Expert Advice

The piercing journey is not only a change in your body, but also a way of expressing yourself and emphasizing your uniqueness. Following expert advice and taking conscious steps will ensure a satisfying and thoughtful outcome. When you decide to get your piercing, you can ensure that you have the best experience by carefully considering these suggestions.
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